• Impact: Training

    The Science Education Initiative (SEI) is Science for All's flagship program that trains the next generation of outstanding Science and Math educators in India. The SEI Fellowship is India's first Science teacher-residency that recruits, trains and places undergraduate and graduate students as part-time educators in low-income classrooms.


    Since 2014 we have trained and placed over 200 SEI Fellows in 110 classrooms in collaboration with the Pune School District in India. Our goal is to train over 1000 SEI Fellows by the end of the decade.

    Impact: Alumni

    Payal Ghogare, SEI Fellow (Class of 2014)

    "I grew up in Amravati and was inspired to pursue a career in science because I had some excellent teachers. I was also aware that there is an acute lack of good science teachers in India but never really considered a career in education.  The SEI Fellowship changed my life- it showed me how I can have a transformative impact on the lives of thousands of students through rigorous, data-driven instruction.  At SEI we are shaping the next generation of exceptional science educators and leaders, and I'm very proud to be a part of this mission." 


    Impact: Learning


    A randomized evaluation in 2016-2017 showed that students taught by SEI Fellows perform on an average 25 percentage points better than a control group where there is no additional SEI Fellow. These results were achieved only one year after SEI Fellows started teaching in classrooms.


    We use data analytics not only to track progress by our Fellows and students but also to provide immediate remedial support to the classrooms which need it most.

    SEI Fellows Class of 2017














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