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    Science for All conducts research to design effective policies and programs that make science and technology more equitable around the world and runs fellowship programs that train the next generation of science educators and leaders.



    We are building a global community of academics, technologists, and policy-makers to design solutions that will make scientific progress equitable. We collaborate with governments and NGOs to design effective, scalable, and cost-effective programs in STEM education. Using field experiments, we generate rigorous evidence to measure the impact of our programs and work with governments to translate effective programs into policies.


    The policy research arm of Science for All is anchored at the Kevin Xu Global Initiative on Science, Technology, and Inequality at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy.



    We are training the next generation of science educators and leaders from around the world who will work to make science and technology more equitable. Through our Fellowship programs, we recruit current and recent undergraduates and train them through an in-service residency model. In addition to in-service training, the fellowship program features workshops on public policy challenges at the intersection of science, technology, and inequality. Our ambition is to use our fellowship programs as a platform for training outstanding STEM educators, entrepreneurs, and public leaders of the future.


    The Science Education Initiative (SEI) Fellowship is Science for All's flagship fellowship program that has trained over 200 STEM educators in India since 2014 through an in-service teacher residency model.



    By engaging with governments, NGOs, philanthropists, and the private sector we are building a platform to scale effective policies


    analysis and outreach helps governments, NGOs, donors, and the private sector apply evidence





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